Where are stored files downloaded when browsing third party IPFS sites?

i have installed ipfs (go-ipfs 0.9.1-1) on Linux Arch and also installed browser extension that turns:
so i assume it download whole site via IP*S only and give it +1 peer (myself)

so i am wondering where are stored these site files on my Linux Arch computer, because i can not find random image from that site by searching for “go-ipfs.png”.

$ du -h --max-depth=1 ~/.ipfs

4,0K /home/me/.ipfs/keystore
2,9M /home/me/.ipfs/datastore
69M	/home/me/.ipfs/blocks
72M	/home/me/.ipfs

Also which config. options manages how big space is allocated for these “third party” files and which define how long these files remain until maybe garbage collector remove it automatically on background.

I think that these important questions are not enough clear from page contents and should be manageable from web UI.

Linux command grep -Ei "StorageMax|GCPeriod" ~/.ipfs/config shows default values:
“GCPeriod”: “1h”,
“StorageMax”: “10GB”
these Datastore options are explained here in go-ipfs docs
so far i am guessing i can not manage my datastore contents easily, which is unfortunate. For example what if i download and start distributing illegal data. Noob like me does not know he distribute it or how to quickly delete the data.

GC will remove everything which is not linked to MFS ( files in UI) or not pinned. You can run it manually by: ipfs repo gc

Its better to run it manually and not triggered by size because on large repo it runs really long.

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