Where can I find IPFS's block explorer?

Where can I find IPFS’s block explorer?

Is https://explore.ipld.io what you are looking for?

Thanks, @fusetim. I am looking to find real-time metrics on IPFS’s key metrics, e.g., files stored (GB), files requested (GB), etc.

Oh well in that case it does not really exist and will not. There is no IPFS blockchain, therefore no global history and metrics. Nonetheless you can get the metrics of your own nodes or maybe from some public ones, idk.

Also IPFS is only a protocol, you can’t store data on IPFS but only on node that can use IPFS protocol to reach and exchange data with each other. If you are looking for something like this, FileCoin could interest you.

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Huge +1 with @fusetim, really awesome answer.

@anon_newb, FYI, your question make exactly as much sense as “Where can I find the HTTP block explorer ?” :slight_smile: .