Where do I find "pack-root-hash"? It's found in

…these instructions: https://github.com/ipfs/archives/blob/master/tutorials/replicating-large-datasets/mirrors-instructions.md

I’ve looked in the config and datastore_spec files.

I can’t find it anywhere. I’m trying to replicate one of my own ipfs servers somewhere else on the globe. I presume it’s more / other than the peer ID for the source node of the data, but tried that and ipfs pin rejects it.

Found the answer, it’s in the provider doc from same replication large datasets instructions.

However, there is no ipfs-pack tutorial, the link to it goes nowhere (404 error).

The instructions to the recipient (mirror) node also appear to be incorrect, as they say to use:

ipfs pin <pack-root-hash>

which is formated as dweb:/ipfs/<pack-hash> If you use it exactly as the docs say to ipfs pin complains. I also tried it by omitting the dweb: prefix which also fails.

I also tried ipfs pin add /ipfs/<pack-hash> which seemed to work, but not sure. I have my doubts. I see connections (the pack server briefly showed connections from my mirror hash to all IP addresses on the server), but there is no display of current connections, only # of connections and bandwidth in use, which drops to zero a lot.

The pack server also allows connections to the world, and I see no options to restrict that. I see connections from many other nodes come and go. I am currently seeing over 60 peer connections!

I attempted to stop the server with ^C, but it seemed to hang (took longer than 5 minutes) so I killed it from another login.

On the mirror, I started a fresh ipfs server, stopped it and did the config mods, adding all of the multiaddresses for the pack server (one for each IP) to the mirror’s bootstrap list.

I started the pack server again, and got connections immediately. There needs to be an option to restrict that. I then restarted the mirror with --routing=none.

When I used ipfs add <pack-root> this time I didn’t see and connection on server from the mirror as before. The command seems to hang. IIRC it took awhile to return the 1st time, before it finally did return. Using ipfs pin ls showed 89 items the first time, this time only the 10 or so that were there immediately after starting the node.