Why "Received interrupt signal, shutting down..." error raised?

I deployed docker file FROM ipfs/go-ipfs and entered 5001/webui.
I saw the Could not connect to the IPFS API.
So I checked cloudwatch like below.
Why ipfs daemon is die? even I did not shout down manually.

did you killed, ipfs shutdown or ctrl+c the deamon ? (that what this shows, it’s not an error just a log statement to say that someone asked the deamon to shutdown)

No I did not shutdown

I asked already another post… and no solution How to connect ipfs api on AWS ECS fargate?

Maybe it got OOM-killed.


What is the OOM?

Could u explain more in detail?

You can always google it: https://support.cpanel.net/hc/en-us/articles/360052914574-What-Is-the-OOM-Killer-