Will devs rewrite legacy commands using go-ipfs-cmds in the future?

This is just question.

Some commands (“core/commands/add.go”, “core/commands/bitswap.go” and more.) are using go-ipfs-cmds package.
Those were replaced last year.

Will devs rewrite legacy commands (e,g, core/commands/bootstrap.go) using go-ipfs-cmds in the future ?

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Yes. Want to help :smile:?

@stebalien Thank you for reply :smile:

Yeah, I’d like to contribute new command code if possible. (But, I started to learn Golang this year :wink: )

Sorry, One more question.

New designed command was changed “Run”'s arguments by this PR.


import cmds "github.com/ipfs/go-ipfs/commands"

var AddCmd = &cmds.Command{
  Run: func(req cmds.Request, res cmds.Response) {...}


import "gx/ipfs/QmZ9hww8R3FKrDRCYPxhN13m6XgjPDpaSvdUfisPvERzXz/go-ipfs-cmds"

var AddCmd = &cmds.Command{
  Run: func(req *cmds.Request, res cmds.ResponseEmitter, env cmds.Environment) {...}

Third party apps (Like Openbazaar) can’t do cmds.Response.Output() using new designed command.

Because,“cmds.Response” was removed from “Run”'s arguments. (Openbazaar is still using legacy go-ipfs.)
If third party developers wants to take the output, They will need to take output through STDOUT now.

Is my understanding wrong ? Or, can we take the ouput struct by other way ?

@stebalien Hi. I excited about IPFS’s ‘Core API’ https://blog.ipfs.io/34-go-ipfs-0.4.14#ipfs-core-api.

“Once finished, the Core API will be the primary way to interact with go-ipfs using go”.

I believe the Core API solve my questions.


Sorry, I missed your reply. To answer both of your questions, yes. The “commands” are for the HTTP API, not when building go-ipfs into your application.

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