Will everyone be able to see all files I've uploaded to IPFS?

I am new to IPFS but I have some basic knowledge about Ethereum and how blockchain works.

In EtherScan block explorer, everyone can see others’ transactions, how much ETH balance and tokens each account has and etc.

How about in IPFS? Will everyone be able to see all files that I’ve uploaded to IPFS if they know my IPFS address?

IPFS doesn’t have a log of transactions like blockchains do. Rather, you’re only able to see which nodes are hosting which content at any given time.

By default a node will announce to the network what content it has on a periodic basis. There’s some settings that can be tweaked that allow a node host to change some of this behavior, but yes, for the most part it’s possible to see what content you’ve stored on your node.

Thank you for the clarification. Appreciate it.