5 quick questions = shape the future of remote pinning services in IPFS Desktop and Web UI!

The IPFS GUI Working Group would love to hear your thoughts! We are working towards integrating remote pinning services into IPFS Desktop and the IPFS Web UI, and would really appreciate it if you took a few minutes to answer a quick features prioritization survey as we ramp up these efforts. Your feedback can have a direct impact on the future of remote pinning services in Desktop and Web UI!

Here’s the survey link: https://ipfscommunity.typeform.com/to/qQLALuQW

Thanks so much in advance! :blush:

I think pinning is something we should not expose to end users. Mostly, everything should be pinned other than the very largest files (video, giant data sets).

But it very much depends on why people want it, which I think falls into roughly two buckets:

  1. Archiving / Backup: keep a copy of my stuff somewhere else, so that I can get to it, get a copy, retrieve when I need to.

  2. Hosting: keep my stuff online so it’s always reachable.

  3. Help keep a copy: this is sort of a collaborative public infrastructure goal that is likely more relevant for local pinning or community clusters – a group of people donating storage and bandwidth because they want to keep some data up.

In all cases, “pinning” is just part of a feature – you need to add a lot of other stuff on top of it to make the feature usable.

I went through the survey but it’s very insider talk. What is it that users who use a GUI are trying to accomplish and talking about their use cases would be amazing to find out.

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