Cheaper Pinata Alternative / NFT & Web3 Storage / IPFS File Pinning

Making IPFS accessible inarguably involves File Pinning Services, but with major file pinning services increasing prices & becoming overwhelmingly volatile - we don’t think it’s accessible anymore.

To solve this, our team launched Dolpin - the newest file pinning service built on IPFS committed to providing accessible service to the Web3 pioneers of tomorrow. This means: We want a stable platform that can offer you consistent cheap pricing packages for individual & enterprise usecase.

Please check out our Open Beta Here - We are actively looking for willing users to participate and provide us with feedback in our journey of making Web3 Storage Accessible.


Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum Abir :wave:

Have you looked into exposing the IPFS Pinning Service API. This would make it easier to onboard users on to Dolpin and could also kubo (formerly go-ipfs) users directly pin content to Dolpin.