Pinning files via website using button

I’m curious as to if there are examples of a simple button on a website which publishes a file on IPFS.

Also, to achieve this, will I need to add IPFS to the website and sping up an IPFS node on the website hosting itself?

If you want to host your own files, yes you’ll need to setup an IPFS node, but if you just want to upload, then search for “IPFS Pinning Services” online. One example of one is called “Pinata”. It’s a service that lets people upload files.

Question is - are there examples of Pinata? e.g. implement Pinata’s code that allows user to pin files to IPFS on our website

Here’s the link just in case you didn’t know they had an API:

as far as finding more code around, I’d have to google it too.

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