Introducing, a simple way to deploy websites to IPFS and to the Web lets you publish websites directly to IPFS and to the regular internet. Your website content resides on IPFS (i.e., we resolve HTTP requests to IPFS) and is distributed globally :earth_americas: via our CDN.

You can access your website on IPFS using the CID or on the traditional internet using our free subdomain * You can even use your own custom domain! is now in public beta (likely to break :construction:)! You can quickly get started with this tutorial.

Try it out now, it’s free! :tada:

Deploy to IPFS with Pinbase


Can one use Pinbase to host a multi-page website or a dynamic web application on IPFS too?

Of course! We even run our own website on our platform!

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This is cool, I would love to try it out.

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Sorry, one more thing: Can I host more than one website with my Pinbase account?

Yes, but there is a limit of 10 sites total during the beta period. If that’s an issue, feel free to email us or ask on our Discord and we can change it

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