How do I create a website on IPFS

Hello all,

For the longest time I have considered writing a blog, documenting the erosion of ability to speak freely and other infringements on our freedoms.

How do I create a page and “host” on IPFS.

Forgive me if my terminology is off.

Kind regards,


I don’t have a huge in-depth write-up ready, but I hope this blog post (not mine) on an IPFS-hosted site can help you get started: How This Blog Was Made | Teetotality

There is cool info step by step making a static Jekyll blog : ipfs-deploy link

This is a great tutorial on setting up a single and then a multi-page website with IPFS.

Now what I want is a good HTML editor with preview.


Hey have you checked this Out? GitHub - arunwebber/openpinner-client: This is the client app written in angular for openpinner - its pretty Easy