User Friendly website builder like ( - Webnode - Nicepace) but decentralized, decentralized ipfs website template marketplace

Hi does exist a webpage creator on ipfs, I mean an app that allow people that don’t know programming to graphically make and design their webpage, something like nicepage or, but in a decentralized way.
Couldn’t be useful to have a Webpage tempalte marketplace on ipfs where people buy template for cryptocurrency ecc?

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I dunno if an graphic WYSIWYG editor is available for decentralized sites.

But at least we can have an idea for one: an bash (that later evolves into an graphical Electron app) script that fully customizes an template Hugo blog with widgets and editing positions, and can add posts.

Then, it leverages go-ipfs (if Shell/Bash) or ipfs.js (if Electron) and publishes; also use an integration with ENS for using .eth domains.

Anyone interested if I start this?

that is a nice idea… but the problem is that I don’t know anything about programming and coding… I am an ingnornat. But in see the need of something like that.

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You’re not an ignorant; it just isn’t your fault that the current dev stack sucks.

I suggest you searching about the Construct 2 game engine (or GDevelop).

You can learn to program EASILY without having to open an Notepad.

These don’t make full-on websites, but I know of these two sites that get you part of the way:

Otherwise, if an existing website builder that has an option to export the raw code, there’s a good chance you can use this tutorial to import the code into IPFS.