Looking for devs to build IPFS websites

My company Unstoppable Domains sells blockchain domains. Our users buy and then want to launch IPFS websites. They are looking for devs who understand the tech and can build them a website.

We just received a request for a content creator who wants to build his patreon page on IPFS. Anyone interested? You would be paid as a contractor to develop a site. We have dozens of projects like this and we need IPFS devs!

You can message me at brad@unstoppabledomains.com

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There is nothing “special” about an IPFS website that requires specifically making one. You can use a service like https://fleek.co/ to host that handles everything to store your website on IPFS.

Right now, you can only launch a frontend application on IPFS. What we need is for someone who understands IPFS and can discern which parts of an app are portable and which are not. Then deploy it. You’re right that otherwise this is something any dev would be able to do.

We’ve had 6K IPFS websites launch so far on .crypto and .zil so interest is definitely heating up. Most companies, even blockchain companies, don’t want figure out how to build IPFS versions of their apps, but are willing to pay for it. We now have 15 projects in backlog looking for devs. Most are dex’s, but some are video apps, and other things.

Fleek is great by the way :slight_smile:

To be fair its a pretty easy deduction:

  1. Does your website require a backend?
  2. If yes then your website cant be used on IPFS, except website assets, static content, etc…

The website requiring a backend means that you need to have your website be able to access the credentials to communicate with this backend. If you want to have your website with a backend fully accessible on IPFS, it means you need to store your secrets within the data on IPFS, which is a pretty terrible thing to do because it means anyone who has access to this data can get the secrets and also talk to your backend.

If your website requires a backend, you can store static content, images, and other assets on IPFS and pull those into the website. But by and large any website requiring a backend will not work on IPFS.

Most companies, even blockchain companies, don’t want figure out how to build IPFS versions of their apps, but are willing to pay for it.

Well that’s what fleek does already. I think the answer you’re looking for is how can unstoppable do this as opposed to using existing services.

Building and migrating apps still requires development work. We are working with several folks, but would love to find more.

Anyone open to contracting work, please let me know! We build domains, not websites so we’re not interested in this work ourselves.

Please reach out to brad@unstoppabledomains.com if interested :slight_smile:

Hey, Brett here from Fleek.co. Thanks for the reference @postables. We actually wrote a blog post on what sites make sense to host on Fleek and IPFS. There will be more aspects of the stack that we will enable to work on in the Backend side of the stack on IPFS. For instance, DBs and Serverless functions.

If developers are looking to build there site on IPFS we have very accessible support and our engineering team is happy to answer any questions and makes sure Fleek supports your needs.