Websites running off IPFS?

Hello all,

Firstly could anyone supply some sites which are linked to the IPFS on ENS domains?

Secondly, I know currently you cannot edit IPFS sites but is it possible to upload a chat system on to it?

Lastly where can I find developers to help me!

Many thanks!

hello Peatson,

you can added your website on ipfs (html / js /css) use IPNS and dnslink to render that public. for chat parts you can see this project


Thanks Joss.

However, where could I find a developer to help me set this up?? Finally, I can use Cloudflare to allow it to work as a normal site? Will this still keep it censor free and secure?

Many thanks

For the chat part, you can also use this demo project :

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you can host your site on ipfs on really easily