DWebsite on IPFS

Hi IPFS community, I am a 19 Yo boy. I only one year i know and use the wonderful decentralized internet.
I have been studing Filecoin and IPFS. I am not able to program or code, i am a simple user.

The in my opinion the very big problem of todays world is centralization. Company like Amazon Microsoft Google Apple with national governamnets, are bringing the world in a cybernetic distopic dicatorship.
All of this is supported by normal people that don’t understnad exactly what they are doing with their data.
Most of the people think there is no alternatives than using centralized paltforms.
This si because most of people don’t see a real problem in giving data away to private companies and corporation like Google Amazon ecc.
An other problem is because you have to study a bit to understand how does ti work and how to use decentrlized platforms.

What really IPFS and Filecoin miss is a paltform like Wix or Webnode to build website easly and without knowing anything about coding.
So people that don’t know anything about coding and programming will be able to build their website, ecommerce ecc on IPFS and Filecoin Network.
This could bring a lot of new capital into Filecoin network. In my opinion Filecoin storage is too much economic is should be more expensive. Is very low if you rapport the cost of amazon storage It should be a bit less expensive than Amazon like 10 or 20% less, not 80 or 90 %.

A platform where there are preconfigured tempaltes and you can graphically modify and costumized them without knowing coding. Like Nicepage or Wix.xom
Filecoin network can be the backbones, the hosting service.
Than there could be a website template marketplace, where people can buy and sell tempaltes for cryptocurrency.

For exampel a little company that want to create a website in steat of using wix or webnode ecc will of course use the decentralized alternative, ther will be only gains: is decentralized, is unhakable censorchip resistant. Unbrekable, data is secure and noone can destroy your website.

Run a Filecoin node will be very profitable thanks to that many people that host hteir website and pay the space to filecoin nodes. More money in the network a growing decnetralized economy.
When you have your website in a decenralized platform you can start accept more easily crypto payments without fearing governament censorship, because is just impossible co censor anyone.

Thanks to every developer behind IPFS, Filecoin Ehterum ecc, you are concretely building a better and democratic world.