A blog with comments powered by IPFS?

I’m a newbie, so excuse my ignorance.

Can IPFS, in its current state, be used to run a blog that could be commented by anyone? If not, what are the changes in the IPFS needed to make this work?

Some basic requirements for such a blog:

  1. Add a new post. For simplicity, no edits allowed.
  2. Add a comment under a post. For simplicity, no edits allowed.
  3. The blog owner should be able to remove any comment. It doesn’t have to be physically removed from disks: just making it invisible to others would be enough. I guess this can be achieved by updating some sort of “HEAD” ref.
  4. Latency: 1 hour. New comments should be seen by others in a reasonable timeframe.
  5. Spam filters for new comments. A bot observing new comments and removing bad ones would do the job, but it won’t protect against the flood attack done on purpose.