A consensus computer on top of IPFS that uses IPFS hashes to create cyberlinks

We have built a distributed consensus supercomputer that runs on top of IPFS. It can compute relevance for web3 data via the use of cyberlinks, that are created from IPFS hashes.

It is a distributed machine for answers (a relevance machine), built with the help of Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint/CUDA.

Within the network, web3-agents generate knowledge graphs with the use of what we call cyberlinks. A cyberlink is simply a link between two content-based links. This allows for a naturally semantic link, which is needed for the computation of relevance of subjects and objects within the knowledge graph.

IPFS provides significant benefits with regards to resource consumption. Cyber links and IPFS provide us with the superpowers that were inaccessible to previous architectures of general-purpose search engines.

Our White Paper
Our GitHub


I thinks its worthy to mention the app which gives some taste of better Google

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Yes, I will be making a seperate post on this =)

A nice mention of cyber and IPFS on the tedermint twitter:

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After a long year of work preparing for euler-5, we have launched it. Here is a playlist of all the video materials, containing IPFS hashes from our tesnet launch.

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Cybers dev-log #2

Our bi-weekly dev-log, including the great web journal, ongoing work on integration of IPFS node into cyberpage app and much more

Our latest dev-log. The IPFS node is finally itegrated into the app and working =)

How do we use IPFS to build a general-purpose search distributed computer? An in-depth article on how does it all work together

We proudly release our takeoff proposal! We propose 27/04/20 for the long anticipated date. Over the 3 years of hard work cyber managed to accommodate: @tendermint_team, @cosmossdk, @AragonProject, @IPFSbot & ETH . And turn dreams into code. Read the proposal here


Read about our takeoff donation round that starts today or f**kGoogle right here

Want to understand what does Cyber does? How to use it? Why is it valuable? How do we use Aragon, ETH, IPFS, Cosmos, etc? Check out the new ELI-5 FAQ

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Over 125,000 IPFS CIDs added to Cybers network as part of its incentivized tournament, Game of Links, in which users add IPFS CIDs to build a decentralized knowledge graph, which is used by the search engine

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Why does a cyberlink point to a CID, not an IPFS content path? The latter is usually what’s used for locating a content on IPFS. For example, by resolving a path to a CID the content may lose its assets:
Shouldn’t a search engine be able to navigate to a complete web page rather than just a file or a directory?


Thanks for amazing question. You understand correctly that cyberlink is a link between CIDs (without path). Its is a strong design consideration because size of cyberlink have to be fixed (bounded). It’s crucial for effective computation with consensus computer. Also it has a huge benefit for blockchain based AI applications such as constant running time and memory use.

It is not an issue because if you want to cyberlink with path you have to compute CID from the string with path.


Just a note that there are over 265k cyberlinks created as of now. That is some amazing progress. This means that gradually cyber can be added as a search engine to the many IPFS crawlers out there. Still early days, but its taking off. For anyone interested in the stats

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Translations of the Cyber White Paper

Ever wondered how to make a Cyber wallet? Create a cyberlink? Check your gift? Get tokens? Run a node? Become the master of the Great Web?

All of those answers and a 1000 more in our Homestead documentation

We are proud to welcome the 1st use case of Cyber as a decentralized google (not Google!). The distributed IPFS-based web browser galacteek, now has support to search within cyber! A truly historical day for decentralization of the web!

Latest release of the browser: https://github.com/pinnaculum/galacteek/releases

Cybers takeoff round is coming towards its end. Last call to participate and initial results!