A decentralized analogue of Twitter that uses CIDs as pointers and store content using IPFS

Cyber is a general-purpose protocol that can search and provide answers using CID’s. It is also capable of many other things. For example, its perfect for social networking. Meet Linker, the decentralized, hardcore, crypto-anarchist Twitter analogue!

Can’t wait to try it? Simply go to cyber.page and click the ‘tweet’ button at the bottom. Take your Ledger and sign away. You can even create a multisignature tweet!

Content is the King

We removed everything except for the content itself. We believe that this approach can help to be less biased when it comes to discovering our feed. Hence, the feed contains no avatars, names, retweets, or likes. Just the content itself. Because content is the king.

Censorship is the Past

We assume that information should not be obstructed. Censorship killed more people than anything else has during human history.

Instead, we are offering a model of assessment by the community based on evolutionary principles.

Content is Yours

You publish your tweets and any content to your own node in the IPFS network. The Cyber blockchain works as a tool for linking this content with the targeted semantics. The content is yours and it is only you, who are responsible for your content. This content is not locked and can be used in any application, forever.

Programmatic Control

One digital signature is an order of magnitude more secure than the conventional approach (think fingerprints). But because one key can be easily compromised, it is not as secure as we wish. Multisig control is the only way to ensure that no crazy shit will ever appear on your feed for those millions of people who trust you.

Read, see and try the app here

Still there, still multisig security, still p2p delivered content straight out of IPFS