A few basic questions

  • Can we create an national ID to each node user? where we can access partial or full data from their citizenship and that ID can access places in the web instead of username/password?

Beside sending/receiving the Documents is it possible to develop on top of IPFS on combination with other solutions , something to send/receive:

  • Messages
  • money
  • Votes
  • physical items, (CitizenID would provide address and the node would have a list of items for sale
  • petitions

anyone interested in discussing this for a possible project?


Can you go into more detail what you mean by a national ID? it isn’t possible to send money over IPFS. IPFS is a data storage layer. I think you’ll find orbit-db is what you are after. Orbit-db is built on-top of IPFS.

hi antonioR,

i’m think at the moment a same project about that. i’m very intresting to discuss with you about that do you know e-estonia.


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Thanks for this , ill have a look at it

Hi Chevalay , that is great lets have a chat i think we are connected on Linkedin ??


yes i accepted your invitation on linkedin.


Great, i sent you a message there, let me know if you would like to have a chat , i think it would be great to share some ideas … thanks

Sure you can choose this forum to discuss (on thread or private message) with me or linkedin.