A node reference implementation to publish website through IPFS gateway

Hi, is there a reference implementation using js-libp2p with Helia and friends to publish a website through an IPFS gateway from a desktop/laptop behind consumer internet (NAT/UPNP/PMP/etc)?

From first looks, many parts are there, but they don’t seem fully tested or working together for a desktop p2p app - similar to bittorrent clients

I only have my networking config, and it’s taken a lot of fussing to get it to work. But I want to build things I’m confident work on everyone’s networking config.

I’m thinking about features in bittorrent clients:

  • change ports at runtime
  • configure and detect UPNP/PMP/NAT

Bundled as a proof of concept for publishing a static website through an ipfs gateway.

If I had to start from scratch, I’d build it like this:

  • Node and Typescript using Vite
  • A one-page web UI
  • An Express server with access to the libp2p stack
  • A REST API because it’s easy for web devs to reason about
    • POST /publish - Publish local folder → get CID → html makes link to gateway
    • GET /publish - list of published folders
    • GET /status - to poll for network status
    • GET/POST /config - change networking (ports, enable/disable features, etc)
  • Logging and status so it’s easy to reason about bugs and features

@danieln and @bumblefudge what do you think?

@dhuseby can you think of a “just add water” way to deliver the torrent-style NAT-circumvention outlined in this post? or an exemplary js-libp2p config on github that could be turned into a tutorial or made part of a “just add water” tutorial/example project of the kind being proposed? apologies for having to tag you in and not just tracking your own tutorial/example project repo progress passively.

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Hi bumblefudge, thanks for the reply. I’m totally willing to be wrong about it, but it looks like the current AutoNAT and uPnP modules can’t do this OOTB:

It’s also discussed a bit here:

To get an idea of what users expect, here are some reference images of bittorrent configs:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet - 10 years old

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