A Question about the algorithm of BitSwap

Hi, I have a question about BitSwap.

As I understand, if several IPFS nodes have a same file, it will take shorter time to download it than if only one IPFS node has it.

But, It didn’t. It took more time to download it.

According to the bitswap code(https://github.com/ipfs/go-bitswap/blob/master/wantmanager.go#L137), a same wantlist is sent to the connected peers.

I guess it isn’t possible to download separately from different peers.
(I hope that each block can be downloaded from different peers concurrently)

Didn’t I know the other setting for the above?

Thanks to read my question :slight_smile:

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I think this is due to a current limitation of bitswap that hopefully will be fixed very soon.

For reference, here are some issues

and the current work on the topic

Thanks, rklaehn.

Your answer is helpful to me.

Have a nice day :smile: