A small data science side project

Dear IPFS friends,

my friend and I work currently on a small side project (we founded a 2-man start-up last year), that provides a data analysis service for social media content. Later we want to add an analysis service for web sites in general. Since this is our side project we are eager to test new things out, like IPFS, the Stellar ecosystem, etc. For now, IPFS does “only” host our website, that will go online in the next couple of days. Users pay for individually requested data science packages and the content is uploaded continuously on IPFS. Later, we would like to add a “free service”, that runs on JavaScript and that would be truly decentralized. Also, in the long run, we want to distribute our tools to have something like a “payed hive mind” (but for now, this is just a “vision”).

Please let me know, what you think about our application, that we present here in more detail: Galactictalk. Any comment, critics or ideas are very welcome.

Best regards,

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good idea !


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Thank you. Though not everything is decentralized (for now). We hope, that with a little income and a small number of users we will have enough funding for more way more decentralized tools!

Update: We just uploaded the static content of our website. The dynmical part will follow next week with the payment system. To get an idea of the interactive graphs please visit > Social Media Analysis > Data Interpretation. And use your Deskop PC, since our site is not mobile-ready.



P.S.: any ipfs pin add would be appreciated :wink:

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