About the Implementers WG category

This meeting is for those investing in creating and maintaining IPFS implementations. It’s a forcing function to ensure IPFS specs and IPIPs are being reviewed and engaged with by crucial stakeholders of IPFS.

​✅ This is the place for:

  1. ​IPIP discussions, especially contentious ones. IPIPs won’t be merged without at least one opportunity for synchronous discussions at one of these meetings.
  2. ​Explore a protocol bug and get some initial feedback on what can be done (i.e., in real life, “request for comments”)
  3. ​Get an initial survey of an area and suggestions on what IPIPs should be written.

​❌ This isn’t the place for:

  1. ​Questions about the difference between CIDv0 and CIDv1.

​Meeting notes

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