About the IPFS content file download of getting pieces from multiple computers simultaneously

hi, all, based on my understanding, the IPFS file downloading is also from a single node, rather than the ipfs.io main page described: “getting pieces from multiple computers simultaneously”. is here anybody knows: show i enable any feature on IPFS node configurations to make the “multi-thread” download possible?



the IPFS file downloading is also from a single node

It is downloading the parts from multiple nodes already (as long as multiple nodes have some blocks). It is the same as in Bitorrent: nodes with the full file (seeders) and nodes with some blocks are sharing the blocks with anyone that wants to download.

In IPFS, the nodes with the files are:

  • those that PIN the files (like the node that added a file will automatically PIN it)
  • those that are viewing the files (they are in their cache until a garbage collector process kicks in to free up some space)


See Downloading from multiple sources

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