About the IPFS Thing 2022 category

This category pertains to https://2022.ipfs-thing.io and is for topics about:

  • :railway_track: Tracks - These correspond to .toml files in ipfs-thing-2022/events at main · ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-thing-2022 · GitHub. A track has multiple gatherings. A :railway_track:track topic should ideally link to any corresponding :circus_tent:gathering.
  • :circus_tent: Gatherings - These are talks/workshops within a track. They correspond to “timeslots” in the .toml files. A gathering topic is where notes from the gathering are captured including other items like slides, recordings, etc.

FAQs and additional information about the event as a whole are in:

  1. FAQ for Track Lead and Participants - #2.
  2. https://2022.ipfs-thing.io/
  3. IPFS þing Details notion page

Additional notes:

  1. “topic” is the Discourse noun for a new thread that shows up under a category.
  2. The genesis of this category and organizational structure was discussed here.
  3. All posts are wiki posts, which makes it self-service for anyone to edit.
  4. You can self-service join Ipfs thing 2022 attendees - discuss.ipfs.io to become a moderator of this category.
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