FAQ for Track Lead and Participants

What are the expectations of track leads?

  1. Ensure their track schedule is coherent. Track specifics (e.g., times, title, speaker) should be accurate in ipfs-thing-2022/events at main · ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-thing-2022 · GitHub
  2. Ensure “notes” are being taken. This could mean doing it directly or delegating to someone else. The recommendation per About the IPFS Thing 2022 category is for their to be a new topic for each gathering “topic” so it’s easy to associate notes, slides, and other URLs.

What are the differences between notes and outputs?

  • notes: in the moment documentation
  • outputs: post-workshop writing that can survive without the context of the workshop itself. We want it so someone who didn’t attend a track can still learn “what were the big takeaways?”. We want to capture this information while its fresh.

How long after a talk will it take for videos to be posted?

Talks will be published to YouTube the next day. They’ll be in the TO_BE_DETERMINED playlist.

What is the COVID policy?

See COVID Policy for IPFS Thing 2022

What if I have other FAQs that aren’t answered here?

Please post a reply to the topic. We’ll get it answered inline and then moved up here.

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