COVID Policy for IPFS Thing 2022


  • 2022-07-11: initial posting.


First off, apologies this wasn’t articulated better upfront.

:star: Everyone should feel 100% comfortable to take whatever precautions they need to feel safe and comfortable. If that means wearing a mask - that’s great - please do so. If that means abstaining from or attending remotely for a certain session that feels overly crowded, please feel free to. :star:


  1. Within 24 hours before your first case of engaging with a large group (e.g., Monday dinner, Tuesday sessions), please take an antigen test and confirm it’s negative.
  2. Stay quarantined if you aren’t feeling well or have a cough to prevent any illness spread among the other attendees.
  3. Report if you are positive and quarantine (see more below).

The above is all honor system. There are no waivers to sign or forms to fill out. The underlying principle is to act with thoughtfulness towards our IPFS community.

Where can I get tests or be tested?

  1. You can pickup your own tests at any pharmacy. There are multiple near Harpa.

  2. @biglep (Steve) will have some near Harpa’s La Primavera for the 2022-07-11 dinner.

  3. There will be tests you can grab from the event booth on floor 2 of Harpa starting 2022-07-12.

  4. At Harpa itself per

    Opening hours: 10:00 AM - 16:00 PM Mondays through Fridays.

    Closed between 12:00 and 12:45.

What should you do if you test positive for COVID?

  1. Isolate
  2. Notify organizers so they can take followup actions discussed below. For now, please @mention @biglep (Steve) and @Yuni Graham on IPFS Discord or Filecoin Slack. A better way to privately message the group of onsite organizers may be developed (but that will be communicated here).

What happens if someone tests positive?

  1. Per above, they will isolate to prevent spread.
  2. A message will be posted in the private comms channel for the event (#ipfs-thing-2022) notifying the group of the situation.
  3. Everyone who was in close contact with the affected individuals will be asked to follow the US Center of Disease Control (CDC) decision matrix here. Assuming you’re up-to-date on your vaccines, you don’t need to isolate unless you develop symptoms. As an extra precaution, we’d ask that you’d also test (antigen or better) since it doesn’t do any harm.

Are antigen tests before one manifests symptoms even effective?

It’s true that antigen tests aren’t 100% reliable at detecting COVID to begin with, and their effectiveness is even less before someone is symptomatic. We are still asking folks to take an antigen test because:

  1. PL has had events this year where someone felt great and tested with an antigen test before joining a meeting/conference only to find that they were actually positive. That antigen likely prevented spread amongst others at the event.
  2. It’s cheap and easy and thus doesn’t really do any harm or cause much burden.

Do I need to get an antigen test if I tested positive in the last 90 days?

No, if you have had COVID in the last 90 days, you don’t need to get a test.

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to post your questions here or privately DM @BigLep in IPFS Discord or Filecoin Slack.