Post event communications for the community

Below is a list of public/community comms that should be done about the event. Feel free to edit/add or reply with thoughts. blog entry: event recap

  • Tracking issue: [Blog Post] IPFS Thing 2022 Recap · Issue #443 · ipfs/ipfs-blog · GitHub
  • What is covered:
    • Link to YouTube playlist with videos
    • Specific link to the intro and recap video.
    • Link to this Discourse topic for more info including links to slides
    • A couple of photos and highlight stats (number of attendees across how many organizations)
  • Expected completion date: 2022-07-29

PL EngRes public all hands: event recap

  • Owner:
  • What is covered:
    • 1m recap basically covering the the same stuff in the recap blog entry
  • Expected completion date: 2022-08-05 blog entry: new IPFS implementations welcome