Accelerated DHT: no LAN client found error

After following the steps to set up the accelerated DHT, when I run “ipfs stats dht”, I receive a “no LAN client found error”. What might be causing this? I tried running ipfs get commands, and I have not noticed any speed improvements after utilizing accelerated ipfs as well.

  1. Currently, the accelerated DHT client is not compatible with LAN-based DHTs and will not perform operations against them

The biggest speedups will come from publishing advertisements to the DHT that you have some content (“providing”) and from IPNS operations.

Thanks adin for the swift response! I read that in the docs but I am running this on a digital ocean linux server. To my understanding, that would not be LAN.

❯ ipfs stats dht --help
  ipfs stats dht [<dht>]... - Returns statistics about the node's DHT(s).

  ipfs stats dht [--] [<dht>...]


  [<dht>]... - The DHT whose table should be listed (wanserver, lanserver, wan, lan). wan and lan refer to client routing tables. When using the experimental DHT client only WAN is supported. Defaults to wan
               and lan.


  Returns statistics about the DHT(s) the node is participating in.

  This interface is not stable and may change from release to release.

Defaults to wan and lan.

So you are getting the WAN results and then “no LAN client found” for the LAN results. If you just want wan then just do ipfs stats dht wan

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