IPFS makes strange request to ipfs-ws.neaweb.tech

My DNS started blocking to IPFS related domains a few weeks ago because they were <30 days old. I however can’t find out why these domain calls are made and what they are supposed to do. Does somebody know this? The domains also don’t really look like a protocol labs domain.

  • ipfs-ws.neaweb.tech
  • ipfs-ws.neaweb.ch

What software are you running Kubo ?

I have installed IPFS desktop (both the .deb and .appImage have this) on Kubuntu 22.04. I also have the IPFS companion app installed in my browser but the requests only show up when I start IPFS desktop

IPFS Desktop does start a Kubo repo in the background :slight_smile:
People can sets pretty much whatever they want in their address, so thoses are most likely just P2P nodes that use DNS instead of raw IPs.

Thanks, that does make sense. So basically I am connected to a peer via an URL instead of a direct IP address which has to be resolved first?

It’s not an URL, it just have a domain but yes.

Alright, thanks for the quick responses.