Go-IPFS now known as Kubo

I just noticed that go-ipfs has changed its name to kubo GitHub - ipfs/kubo: IPFS implementation in Go

I know it’s meaningless from a technical standpoint but it’s pretty big from a marketing standpoint and was a little surprised that it wasn’t even announced here. (Maybe I missed the announcement)

Did js-ipfs get a new name as well?

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fwiw we did announce it, and even sourced new name ideas / sentiment from this community:

go-ipfs rename progress is tracked in: Minimal rename of go-ipfs in 2022Q2 · Issue #8959 · ipfs/kubo · GitHub

Rename of other projects such as js-ipfs is tracked in Renaming ipfs implementations 2022Q1 edition · Issue #470 · ipfs/ipfs · GitHub (afaik there is no new name for js-ipfs yet)


Yes, I remember that but it’s kind of missing the point.

Ah, yes. “Marketing announcement” will happen when Kubo 0.14 ships – it will be the very first release under the new name.

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Makes sense. I was just a little surprised when I saw it had actually been done. That wasn’t a issue I was following very closely :wink:

Should I be using ipfs/go-ipfs (Docker Hub) or Kubo docker (Docker Hub)? Both have the same tags but the Dockerfile for ipfs/go-ipfs seems to be different from the Kubo dockerfile

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Use kubo. The go-ipfs is provided for legacy users. I’ll update the readme.

They use the same Dockerfile from ipfs/kubo, the same images are published in both places. The go-ipfs link to dockerfile you’ve sent is stale, not used (will see if we can clean that up).