Accessing DAG objects via the gateway

Is there a way to access dag objects via the gateway? I naively tried resolving a dag object via the normal gateway api like this: http://localhost:8080/ipfs/zdpuAnBAFDeLpjMFUN8C5DbHkAcLtNw9FvrPbBHgwbX1hfj1C/. But I get a ipfs cat /ipfs/zdpuAnBAFDeLpjMFUN8C5DbHkAcLtNw9FvrPbBHgwbX1hfj1C/: unrecognized node type.

It should not be too hard to add readonly dag support to the gateway, and it would be useful at least for us.

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Did you find a resolution for this?

No. We are just using the API for now. But that is not a very good solution.

Can anybody think of a reason the gateway should not resolve dag links?

I am new to ipfs and i cant really tell what version your hash is but on this page its explained how to access v1base32 cids (bafy prefix) from a subdomain gateway like

Related work: feat: serve CBOR encoded DAG nodes from the gateway by alanshaw · Pull Request #8037 · ipfs/go-ipfs · GitHub