Retrieving DAG nodes via a public gateway

Is there a public IPFS gateway that allows retrieving arbitrary DAG nodes? I tried, but it seems to use “ipfs cat” and thus works only with file-type nodes:

ipfs cat /ipfs/z8mWaJHXieAVxxLagBpdaNWFEBKVWmMiE: unknown node type

I don’t plan to make any heavy use of such a gateway. I am just looking for a way to illustrate in a tutorial that a piece of data added to the local daemon is in fact accessible from everywhere.

Not yet. The gateway functionality built into go-ipfs does not currently support rendering dag nodes that dont represent directories and files (e.g. dag-cbor, ipld-git, etc)

Thanks for the pointer to that discussion. It gave me an idea for a workaround: I can tell people to feed their local CID to, making sure to do so on a browser running on a different machine (a phone would do) to prevent the site from using the local daemon.