Accessing ipfs using python APIs

Can I access ipfs files (My own files hosted on ipfs)from python API and use them for machine learning purposes.

Sure can. Take a look at GitHub - ipfs-shipyard/py-ipfs-http-client: A python client library for the IPFS API

Finally someone asking about IPFS and machine learning. There are a ton of great use cases for IPFS with machine learning. Distributing models, tracking model checkpoints, tracking what images were used to train a model, constructing subsets of training data without duplicating data. I’d welcome a discussion of the uses of IPFS and AI/ML.

I just had an application stop working a little while ago. The models can be big so they aren’t included in the packaging so they often include a convient check to see if you have the model and if not downloads it. Well, there was something wrong with the server hosting the model and it couldn’t download it and it failed. That’s insane. I’m guessing we’re going to see that kind as people rely more and more on AI models. Hosting those models on IPFS would be much more robust. It would also be a great way to distribute them to the edge. There’s also the security aspect. I’ve never seen any checks on the models that are downloaded. They just assume that whatever comes back from some particular url is the right thing.