Why there is no `python working library` to work with IPFS?

Please if there is any python library to interact with IPFS let me know. also if there is decentralized backend such as orbitDB that has good support for python please let me know.

There are several options for interacting with the IPFS network, but ultimately it comes down to the problem you’re trying to solve. There aren’t too many options for interacting with the IPFS network from Python natively.

What problem are you trying to solve?

What exactly are you trying to do with IPFS? Are you publishing content? Retrieving content?

You can add files and make them retrievable from the IPFS network and gateways with the help of pinning services.

The nice thing about pinning services is that you can interact with them using HTTP APIs for uploading and retrieving (with IPFS Gateways).

Some existing options in Python

There’s an RPC API client library GitHub - ipfs-shipyard/py-ipfs-http-client: A python client library for the IPFS API that can be used with Kubo Kubo RPC API | IPFS Docs, however, it isn’t maintained.

There’s also an IPFS implementation written in Python, but it isn’t actively maintained nor is it feature complete GitHub - ipfs-shipyard/py-ipfs: python implementation of ipfs.


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