I want to connect to my ipfs cluster on GCP VM instance using a python script on my local device

I do not want to ssh into my ipfs cluster node to add files to my ipfs on the vm instance on GCP, BUT I need some api to be able to interact with my ipfs cluster node on gcp to add, publish to ipns, etc. my ipfs node version is 1.0.8, so py-http-client is not valid for the newer version of ipfs. How do I interact with my ipfs cluster nodes securely?

I tried using SSH and it worked, but it has security implications so I dont want to use that anymore and want to use something more secure

IPFS-Cluster offers two APIs:

And you can of course also talk to ipfs/kubo’s RPC API directly. I’m not sure what you mean py-http-client is not valid… iirc it should work for the proxy and kubo APIs just fine.

all of these solutions do not offer a method to do a get of a content on the cluster via cid. Is there a solution?

You can use the ipfs-proxy API to make an ipfs get, or you can get the content via the IPFS protocol, or you can use Kubo’s gateway. IPFS Cluster’s is for pin-management and not a content gateway.