Ipfs and cluster replication

I’m setting up a new ipfs cluster and I’m not sure to understand the relationship between Kubo and ipfs-cluster-service for replication.
I thought when pinning content with Kubo through API, it would be replicated to all my cluster nodes but it doesn’t seem so.
When I pin directly from command line with ipfs-cluster-ctl pin add ... I can observe replication working.
Am I missing a config or something to link both ?

If you want cluster to manage your pin, then you need to pin through cluster (ipfs-cluster-ctl typically). If you prefer you can point your ipfs command to the ipfsproxy endpoint offered by cluster with something like ipfs --api /ip4/ See IPFS Proxy - Pinset orchestration for IPFS

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Thank you, works like a charm, that was what was missing.