The file is not pinned when adding

Hi guys
Please help me figure out what’s wrong.

However, the files are duplicated on the bbb node, but the command does not define the status as pinned. Why?

I don’t know. This shouldn’t happen.

  1. What does ipfs-cluster-ctl version and ipfs-cluster-ctl --version say?
  2. What does curl http://localhost:9094/pins/<cid> say?

Hi Hector,

and ipfs-cluster-ctl version ? Does it match between server and client?

Same version on aaa and bbb nodes

You see, despite the errors, the files are still duplicated on the bbb node:

ipfs --enc=json pin ls --type=recursive <cid> please

And I ask again, what does ipfs-cluster-ctl version say. This is different from --version.

Can you upgrade to the latest cluster release and see if this still happens?

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The problem was with the old version of Kubo. After the update everything was resolved. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: