Adding new Peer to existing IPFS-Cluster, synchronization of already pinned files

Hey everyone.

We are running a private IPFS-Cluster at the project I’m working on. Now we have some problems while trying to enlarge the disk-space of our Cluster-Nodes.

If we try to bootstrap a new Node with more space to the Cluster the what I’m getting from ipfs-cluster-ctl status is “Pin Queued” for every single hash. But these files/hashes are never synched.

If we try to copy the whole data-dir via air-sync to a different node or disk, it seems to lock some of the files and we can’t add new files to the Cluster while copying.

What’s the usual way to enlarge disk-space, to backup the files?



Hi, do you have pin_method set to refs and concurrent_pins set to something bigger than one?

There should be at least something pinning. With the latest version of cluster you can check ipfs-cluster-ctl status --filter pinning for example. The reason most things are queued might be that the things that are in pinning state are not getting retrieved properly by the IPFS daemon, so you should check connectivity or anything that might prevent the IPFS daemon to retrieve content too.