Pinning in ipfscluster

REST API - Pinset orchestration for IPFS ( has a POST pin/{/ipns/} option. I was wondering how does that work? and where can I find the code for that?

cc @hector

It works like ipfs pin add /ipns/Qmxxx. It will resolve the IPNS link before pinning the CID it points to.

Oh I see. And so Im assuming Kubo resolves it before packing it and sending it to the cluster? And if it doesn’t see it in local node it goes to DHT to find it?

Cluster runs the equivalent of ipfs resolve /ipns/Qmxxx on the local kubo peer.

I’m not sure what “packing it and sending it to the cluster” means. Cluster uses IPFS to obtain the CID, and then cluster does a cluster-pin with it.

Resolving an IPNS record usually involves going to the DHT, or to DNS, yes.