Asking other nodes to pin stuff and the state of pubsub


  • Is there a way to ask a peer to pin a hash from go-ipfs?
  • If yes, will they tell me once they’re done getting my object from me?
  • If not, what are some ways to harden pubsub, i.e. for nodes interested in a topic to find each other quicker?


I drank the Kool-aid and am writing yet another git transport backend on IPFS. I have the heavy lifting already in place, but still need a way to make sure that after I push a bunch of changes someone else is gonna pin the new repo state - so that my node can be safely shut down without the latest repo state disappearing from IPFS.

I know the IPFS Cluster team have been working on supporting this, so you could run an IPFS cluster as a pinning service, and use the cluster API to add your content to its pinset.

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