Check if nodes the same

Hi, i’m thinking about fully decentralized app on top of ipfs and ethereum.

Users which will run app can automaticaly execute eth contract to send tokens to another client.
For example user A keep content. User B send request to User A via pubsub, User A send response to User B with list of pinned hashes. User B pay for it, if he absolutely sure that ipfs hash is pinned.

If i whant to do this automaticaly, i must be sure, that copies of app on both nodes the same.

Can i do it via pubsub, for example chech checksum or else? Or i need master node for implement my idea?

P.S. Sorry for my English

Hi nezzard,

change repository path : for example for USER A /home/user_a/.ipfs and USER B /home/user_b/.ipfs and on your application when you init your ipfs node spécify this repository path.

Happy Hacking