Demonstrate and test the scaling of an IPFS based decentralized webapp

I’m looking for a way to test and demonstrate the advantages of the P2P nature of an IPFS-based web application.

When a user accesses the webapp from a regular browser (no IPFS browser extension, no local IPFS node), I start a js-ipfs node in a service worker and pin the app itself, to help distributing it to other users to scale better and to keep the application accessible when the main pinning server node is down.
This way, in a case when a huge amount of users would like to access the application, in a big spike, there would be theoretically no need for additional resources from the application owner’s perspective to serve every client.

So I’m thinking of a way of running some sort of experiment to validate this, somehow measuring the load on the main pinning node server and monitoring the load times on the clients side.

  • How could I run a lot (at least a couple of dozens) of nodes to validate this?
  • What would be the best way to measure the load on a js-ipfs node?