Is there a tool or other ways to performance/load test IPFS?

Hi, I am in the process of evaluating IPFS to be used as a filestore and the app. state data store for the new dApp (mobile) we are building (ie, using IPFS as a backend by replacing the API). So, I would like to test the IPFS performance on various factors (without local node, since the client is going to be mobile),

  1. Storage and retrieval performance.
  2. Storage performance when multiple clients upload the files concurrently.
  3. Retrieval performance when multiple clients retrieves the files concurrently.
  4. Performance of the above points (1,2 & 3) with single node and multiple nodes, and assessing the optimal number of nodes to have an acceptable performance.
  5. Testing the video streaming.

So far I could not find any tool available already to perform these tests effectively (by spawning multiple clients over the period of time (like JMeter), spawning multiple nodes over the period of time, assessing the average request/response time in accessing the files, assessing how many nodes are required to have an optimal performance etc).

Is there any tool available to perform this? or
Is there a suggestion on how to perform the above tests?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.