IPFS Network Benchmark

On the note of being honored as the “New Member of the Month” by the system, I am happy to give back more…!

Hope its best by starting with a benchmark of IPFS swarm of peers, OrbitDB clusters and other services running on IPFS itself! (Open to suggestions!!!)

Let’s make a scratch on the stone book!


I’m specifically much glad to understand the behavior of the platform from a throughput and performance point of view…

When it comes to js-ipfs tooling we have https://github.com/ipfs/ipfs-performance-profiling, https://benchmark-js.ipfs.io/, but let’s ping @whyrusleeping to see if there are other tools relevant to your interests :slight_smile:

ps. some third-party benchmarks were done as a part of this paper:

[…] we evaluate through performance analysis three “off-the-shelf” object store solutions, namely Rados, Cassandra and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). In particular, we focused (i) on access times to push and get objects under different scenarios and (ii) on the amount of network traffic that is exchanged between the different sites during such operations.
Performance Analysis of Object Store Systems in a Fog/Edge Computing Infrastructures

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