How to test performance of IPFS

Hi, I want to test the performance of IPFS reading and writing in private ethereum network, could anyone tell me how to upload files with different clients at the same time?

From an IPFS perspective, the separate clients just need to run ipfs add. It doesn’t matter whether they run it at the same time or not.

Hi @leerspace @zhongzhou , I am looking for some tools to run the following tests to find the performance metrics,

  1. When multiple clients upload to the same ipfs node. How fast it is made available to the clients to retrieve.
  2. To test the same (in point 1) with multiple nodes (increasing and decreasing the nodes dynamically when testing).

It would be great if you could point out a tool or ways to achieve the above.

This thread isn’t exactly the same as what you’re trying to do, but it might be of interest: It sounds like the OP used the python IPFS API in a python script to gather the performance data before then using ipfs-network-tests.