Should I use js-ipfs or js-ipfs-http-client for web app

Hi, I saw a video which recommended against using js-ipfs because not as many people are using it and suggested to use js-ipfs-http-client, the video was uploaded in 2019 so I’m wondering if times have changed now? I want to create a web app that acts as a gateway to ipfs pinning service for distributed data sets, thanks for any advice!

So js-ipfs is an IPFS node (with I believe somewhat more limited capabilities than go-ipfs, someone would have to clarify this) while js-ipfs-http-client is like a remote control for an IPFS node running somewhere else. So use js-ipfs-http-client if you have some other IPFS node and you’d like to connect to and control it, use js-ipfs if you actually want to run an IPFS node on your browser itself.

thanks! I essentially want to create a pinning service for ipfs so i guess js-ipfs-http-client would be the way to go!

There’s an OpenAPI yaml file you should look at if that’s what you’re looking to do.