How to set up node for remote pinning

Hey all!
I’m pretty new to IPFS, and Im trying to set up a node to allow remote pinning.
I’ve been reading over all the documentation and threads that I can find, but I’m still really confused…
I can’t figure out how to set up the API end point or the secret access token.

If anyone could give me a few pointers that would be great!


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Hello and welcome! Are you looking to create your own remote pinning API endpoint? Such an endpoint doesn’t exist in go-ipfs out of the box as far as I know. The spec is here: IPFS Pinning Service API. Currently I don’t know of a solution that could be simply downloaded and run, so you’d have to build your own using that spec doc.

If you’re just looking to simply connect to an existing service, this doc looks quite nice: Work with pinning services | IPFS Docs.

I have done that for at one point, because I wanted to run my own gateway.

I created an ansible script with cloud-init support to do the following:

  • Install go-ipfs
  • Install nginx
  • Set up nginx to proxy the pinning API from go-ipfs behind “basic auth” and the HTTP gateway for everybody (which was the idea behind the project, pin your content and also http gateway host ipfs at the same time).
  • Host a small javascript based website that allows you to pin hashes.

The project is probably a bit stale, but I would be happy to work with you to make it fit your need, file an issue if you want.

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I have rewritten the project to now be a docker container where you have to upload files to a shared volume to get them added and pinned. The front-end is now only a gateway and an easy way to see which items are pinned by your node.

This should make it easy to add files to IPFS by starting a server, starting docker and then uploading the files to the shared volume directory. A script will pick them up, insert and pin them automatically after that.