Api endpoint remote pinning at home server

Heeey all,

I was wondering if someone could explain how you can make your own API endpoint inside a docker container. The motivation is a private remote pinning service just like the endpoint of pinata https://api.pinata.cloud/psa. I saw in the documents once you have an “API endpoint” and a “secret access token” that you can then add this service and pin remotely on your own machine at home. At the moment I have a NAS with ipfs docker container that works smoothly, by having a static private IP for the NAS + portfwarding with port 4001 to my NAS. Would be great if someone could explain me how I could possible do this.

Heyy All,

I basically have two questions for now that maybe one of you could help me with.

Also, the NAS software I am using is TrueNAS. I try to install their build in application i.e an ipfs docker container. However, when I go through the installation they ask for DNS information as follows:

Option name:
Option value:

I simply do not understand what I should fill in here, because it also works without it → see picture