Can IPNS addresses be pinned?

Couldn’t find this anywhere else, sorry if repost. If a friend publishes content under a specific IPNS address, can I pin that address and then automatically seed whatever that address points to, even when that friend goes offline?
If not, what would be the best workaround?


The ipfs pin add will resolve ipns names and will pin the pointed content.
If you want to keep it up to date you might want to write an automatic script that runs the command regularly.

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Not currently. Nothing prevents it on protocol level though.

Also note, we’re working on a system that will let you subscribe to IPNS updates (via a system called pubsub) so this should get better in the future.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll likely implement something like that using pubsub like stebalien mentioned.

Has anyone written a script that can be used to do automatic updates of pins?
Asking to try and avoid to reinvent the wheel here.